About us

    Dalian Hualun Chemical Fibre Engineering Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in development, design and contracting of chemical fiber & nonwoven engineering projects as well as research, manufacture and development of chemical fiber & nonwoven equipment. Moreover, We hold Class A qualification certificate for chemical fiber engineering design issued by the Ministry of Construction, and has been granted the rights of self-managed import and export.

    Since its establishment in 1991, we have set up Dalian Hualun Chemical Fibre Equipment Factory, Dalian Hualun Technology Company. We established a graduate workstation with Dalian Polytechnic University and an experimental base, Industrial Ecology and Environmental Engineering Research Center of Dalian University of Technology. We have gradually developed into high-tech comprehensive enterprise, integrating engineering design, equipment manufacturing, and engineer general contracting. Our company has provided 176 chemical fiber & nonwoven production lines for 82 domestic enterprises. All of these finished production lines are well-equipped and designed reasonably, and have won high praise from domestic and international experts.

    Dalian hualun technology development center have three functional nonwoven production lines.
    1. Multifunctional Meltblown nonwoven production line (Width 950mm and 700mm).
    2. Bicomponent, three groups forming doffers, staple carded nonwoven production line (Width 1050mm).
    3. Bicomponent spunbond nonwoven production line (Width 700mm).

       In 1998: undertaking Shaoxing Lida PET spunbonded geotextile project which was the key technical project during the 9th Five-Year Plan period.
       In 2001: undertaking high-tech popularization project of the State Planning Commission, successfully researching and manufacturing type L medium and coarse denier one-step industrial yarn spinning equipment.
  In 2002: developed, designed and manufactured by our company, PET / PA6 and sea-island superfine fiber production line which has been approved as a science and technology Science and Technology SME Technology Innovation Fund.
  In 2006: undertaking bicomponent complex superfine fiber spinning machine project of Donghua University, which is the key academic discipline project in national 211 Project.
  In 2008: designed and built by our company, first bicomponent (hollow orange petal-type) microfiber spunbonded spunlace nonwoven production lines with full independent intellectual property rights, running success in Jian, Jiangxi Province. The raw materials are PET and PA6 chips, adopting hollow orange petal-type bicomponent spunbond + spunlace production process, the production of 0.075d denier microfiber non-woven cloth. Mainly applications are high-grade cleaning cloth, filtration materials, decoration materials, leather base fabric and other fields. The project has passed the identification of scientific and technological achievements appraisal of China Textile Industry Association. The product, equipment and technology is a national initiative and international advanced level, can fill the domestic blank in this field.
  In 2009: supplying bicomponent complex spunbonded spunlace nonwoven equipment and technology for Tianjin Polytechnic University.
  In 2010: supplying special fiber spinning machine for Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences.
  “Knowledge, creativity and development” is our corporate spirit while “excellent skill and good faith” is our existence basis. We will strive for greater progress and development together with our partners by virtue of excellent equipment, high-quality services, reliable quality and reasonable price.